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For some, selecting the perfect fur can be as easy as 1-2-3 … For others, owning a masterpiece will require an adjustment in scale, tailoring or perhaps even a complete custom design.

Regardless of your size or budget, the experts at Muscalus Furs can help you make an optimal selection that is shaped by your personal preferences. Allow us to guide you through your most thrilling apparel purchase ever.

All furs showcased by Muscalus reflect only the most lustrous pelts and the finest manufacturing. Muscalus Furs offers every possible service related to fur, shearling and leather maintenance. We welcome you to bring in your coats for a free inspection.

Looking for an inexpensive option to owning a fur, check out our pre-owned garments under the products tab or for a larger selection visit our sister site at www.ESTATEFURS.COM

Whether it’s new or “like new” Muscalus Furs has the perfect choice to keep you warm and cozy. Visit us soon!