Why Should I Store My Fur?

Storage helps to prolong the life of your fur garment – especially during the hot and insect ridden summer months. Our onsite vaults are temperature and humidity controlled to create the perfect protective conditions in which to store your valuable items. These conditions cannot be duplicated in a private home.

Can I Wear My Fur in the Rain, Sleet, and Snow?

Absolutely! Contrary to popular opinion, fur performs wonderfully in the rain, sleet, and snow. If your garment gets wet, simply lee it air dry on its own by hanging it on a special contour hanger (the one we gave to you with your purchase will work perfectly). Do not use a hair dryer or any other form of heat on your garment. Once the fur is completely dry, give it a shake and it will be perfectly ready to wear again! NOTE OF CAUTION: If totally drenched, bring your fur to the showroom for expert treatment.

How Often Should I Clean My Fur?

Muscalus Furs recommends an annual cleaning, glazing and conditioning of your furs. Regardless of how much you wear your fur, harmful dust and pollutants in the air will settle into it.

Do I Need to Keep My Fur in the Garment Bag at Home?

We do not recommend storing your fur in a garment bag. Once you get home, remove your fur from the garment bag and hang it in a dark, well ventilated space on a contoured hanger. Never store your fur in plastic covering as this does not allow the skins to breathe.

What is the Most Popular Fur that You Sell?

Mink is by far our most popular fur product. Women can’t get enough of the lightweight fit and comfort of sheared mink and the incredible luxury of semi-sheared minks. Many of these styles are reversible to rain taffeta. Mink is extremely versatile – it can be casual or dressy, short or long, light or dark colored. Mink can be perfectly suited to every woman’s body and style.